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MLB Stats Math Learning Cards - Addition and Subtraction

Sports Equation

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MLB STATS Math Learning Cards. Use actual MLB Player STATS to solve 150 FUN ADDITION and SUBTRACTION MATH Word Problems. Teachers helped develop and review all product content. Each box contains 34 oversized cards (approx. 3 _ inches wide x 5 _ inches length. 30 Player Cards (Featuring 1 Player from Each MLB Team. Front of card features Player Photo, and "Batting Practice" sample question/answer. Back of card features actual MLB Player Stats for the last 3 seasons, along with 5 Math Word Problems. Single (easiest to Grand Slam (most challenging. 3 Answer Checklist Cards. 1 Parent Card featuring "How to Read Baseball Stats" with key abbreviations and formulas (example, AB = At Bats, Batting Average = number of Hits/number of At Bats, etc.. ADDITION/SUBTRACTION for kids age 6+. Great new learning activity for kids, parents, and teachers.

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